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8 Top reasons why business owners should not ignore this increadible opportunity

Why Should Business Owners Consider Mining Crypto?

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Mining Crypto

There are so many reasons why mining crypto is an amazing opportunity for business owners, but here are some of our favourites:

#1 – Incredible growth opportunity

Crypto has grown at a rate that is quite spectacular and beats any other asset class. To give an indication, you can see three popular cryptocurrencies below and compare how the price has grown between 2015 and 2021:

Cryptocurrency 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Bitcoin (BTC) 328 694 6,131 6,276 9,226 13,574 61,374
Ethereum (ETH) 0.95 11.44 309 196 183 384 4,298
Litecoin (LTC) 3.63 3.98 55 49 58 46 192

The prices shown are as of the close of October each year in US dollars.

The following chart shows the Bitcoin price in US dollars during the same period:

Bitcoin to US dollar price chart

Bitcoin to US dollar price chart

However, it’s important to understand that are no guarantees in any market. Crypto is still relatively young in comparison to other asset classes and investment opportunities and it’s also subject to more volatility than most. That said, our view is that this is an incredible opportunity for the long-term. Daily, weekly and even monthly volatility is normal, but based on the data, you will struggle to find a more lucrative investment opportunity anywhere else.

#2 – Passive income from mining crypto

Earnings from mining crypto are passive. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, without actually working, there is no need to be chained to the computer! Whether you wish to keep your mined cryptocurrency invested, convert to Fiat or withdraw your earnings as cash, the choice is yours.

There is a minimal amount of setup to get the crypto mining computers working. Once they are set up they run on auto-pilot with minimum intervention from you we are always available for any support if this is needed.

Mining crypto with Ethereum

Mining crypto is a favourite activity of ours at Opace

#3- Servers are part of day-to-day operations

Our crypto mining servers are like “super” versions of servers used in everyday business. They can be allocated day-to-day business tasks or can be used for mining crypto alone. We manufacture and sell GPU mining machines, as opposed to ASIC miners (which can only be used for mining crypto and nothing else).

Buy our GPU machines knowing that you are buying an asset, which is expected to have a strong residual value upon sale (60%+ of purchase cost recouped after three years). We buy top-quality latest technology components to ensure there are minimal technology advances whilst you use the technology. The machines will eventually need replacing, but with diligent care and in a kind environment should last between three and six years.

Octominer ETH 500 mhs mining server

Latest business-grade server hardware

As well as being powerful our servers are also flexible. As well as mining crypto, they can be used for applications such as deep learning, graphics creation and manipulation, hardcore gaming, high-performance computing (HPC), as well as machine learning, etc.

#4 – Utilise your business space and resources

Our crypto mining computers are built using enclosed server-grade cases, so unlike open air rigs, they don’t take up a vast amount of space and they aren’t as unsightly/noisy. They are designed to be placed on or under a desk, they can even be racked for additional crypto mining capacity if you have an IT or server room.

Don’t get us wrong, they are ideal for home use too, but they are not small computers and they can get hot. In our opinion, these are perfect for businesses who have the physical space. Businesses also tend to have the needed IT infrastructure and air conditioning/cooling to run these at optimal performance. We build our crypto mining computers with high-quality speed controlled cooling fans so that they can run as quiet and cool as possible, but these rigs can still get hot. Having the right environment to host our rigs can make a significant impact on their performance.

#5 – Avoid FOMO & access a dynamic emerging market

Avoid FOMO (“the fear of missing out”) by participating in the dynamic and fast-growing cryptocurrency market. You may fear you have already missed out on cryptocurrency returns, but it is not true! Utilise our crypto mining computers to mine a range of cryptocurrencies over the years to come. Currencies mined are likely to vary over time, here at Opace we mine a range of cryptocurrencies, with a special focus on Ethereum (ETH).

#6 – A balanced investment portfolio

Cryptocurrency should already be an investment class in any balanced investment portfolio alongside the likes of equities, commodities, precious metals, high-interest savings, government bonds, etc.

So, if you do not have any cryptocurrencies, now is the time to act! Always bear in mind that cryptocurrencies are a high-risk, high-reward type of investment.

This is a question we are frequently asked, but as we aren’t Financial Advisors we thought you might enjoy this article from’s Next Advisor series. A summary of the % recommendations for the five Advisors are:

  • Between 2 to 5%
  • Between 1 to 4%
  • Between 1 to 5%
  • Up to 3%
  • Between 1 to 2%

So, the average over the five Advisors is a holding in cryptocurrencies in a portfolio of between 1.5% and 4%.

Of course, the levels above assume the cryptocurrency is bought, it is quite different when the investor has mined their own currency at a much lower investment price.

If you mine more cryptocurrency than you want to hold, that is fine as you can convert your currency through a cryptocurrency exchange into FIAT cash such as dollars, sterling, and euros. This process takes minutes and means that cryptocurrency can be treated as a liquid asset (an asset which can quickly be converted into cash), unlike property as an example, which is illiquid (as it takes time to convert a property into cash).

#7 – Tax benefits

There are numerous ways in which mining crypto can be beneficial from a tax perspective. We provide advice here from our experience, but we recommend your eligibility by speaking to your Company Accountant. Here are some possible tax benefits in the UK:

  • VAT relief – investments in crypto mining servers are eligible for VAT claim back by VAT registered businesses
  • Capital Investment Allowance (CIA) – the crypto mining servers we supply may be eligible for Capital Investment Allowance (CIA). The uk claim capital allowances page says: “You can claim capital allowances when you buy assets that you keep to use in your business, for example – equipment.
  • Research and Development Tax Relief – for companies working on innovative projects within the science and technology sector tax relief is available. Numerous rules apply which can be checked at the government website. Our crypto mining servers are certainly innovative equipment and could be used in scientific and technology settings, eligibility depends on your usage of the equipment

#8 – Increase ROI from cash reserves

There is an opportunity to increase the ROI from any cash reserves within your business. High-interest savings bank accounts currently generate 0.5% (if you are lucky!). Equity investments tend to average out at about 11%. Government bonds and treasury bills can achieve between 3-6%.

The data below from Case Bitcoin shows Bitcoin has achieved a staggering +6,389% over the past five years. Since June 2020, the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply from $9,144 to today’s price (in November 2021) of $60,500.

Bitcoin & Traditional Assets ROI

Bitcoin & Traditional Assets ROI (vs USD)

There is a chance for spectacular returns with mining crypto, but it’s important to relaise there is also a risk of making losses too. With the right strategy in place, we are confident about making strong ROI over the medium-long term.

Getting started

When you buy Opace crypto mining computer you buy from an established family run business that loves technology and crypto equally as much. Buy from us and you will receive innovative business and technology advice from a leading UK provider. Opace will provide advice and support across every step of the buying cycle and once your technology is in place you have the comfort and assurance of our support.



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