My Favourite Crypto Analyst for Free Crypto Advice: CryptosRUs vs Into the Cryptoverse

Getting good crypto advice, let alone free crypto advice is near impossible. Here's my take on two of the best analysts out there - George and Ben Cowen

About CryptosRUs and Into the Cryptoverse

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This post exploring CryptosRUs vs Into the Cryptoverse for free crypto advice is a little different to others we publish. It’s more of a passion post really, and a shout-out to both Ben Cowen and George, who have been a great source of education, inspiration, and even humour at times.

cryptosrus vs into the cryptoverse

A CryptosRUs vs Into The Cryptoverse comparison

Why am I Writing This?

When starting out in crypto, I struggled to find the people I liked or could trust on YouTube. The crypto market seemed to be flooded with scam artists, charlatans, self-promoters, and outright liars. I lost count of how many individuals and YouTube channels I attempted to follow but gave up on very quickly. Two that were recommended to me and immediately stood out were CryptosRus run by George and Into the Cryptoverse run by Ben Cowen. I’ll come on to why later in the article.

I’ll first explain why I was seeking out crypto advice in the first place. Crypto mining is one thing, but navigating the world of crypto investing and trading is another. When mining crypto, particularly GPU mining, we mine the most profitable cryptocurrency at the time, but that’s not necessarily the best crypto to hold or benefit from in the long term. Ethereum mining was great while it lasted but with the end of PoW Ethereum mining in 2022, everything changed. This meant that often the most profitable cryptos to mine changed from day to day, mostly being unknown projects with relatively small market caps.

navigating the world of free crypto advice

Trying to navigate the world of free crypto advice

Trying to understand what to mine, hold, or exchange became an addiction for me at the start – but I needed advice and market analysis that I could trust. Both George with his CryptosRUs channel and Ben Cowen with his Into the Cryptoverse channel have each helped me along the way with their free crypt advice, insights and analysis. So much so, that for a while now I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on each and give my personal endorsement – and no – I am not affiliated with them in any way.

So, if you’re looking for free crypto advice, a crypto analysis or an advisor, here’s my summary and comparison of CryptosRUs vs Into the Cryptoverse.

CryptosRUs (George)

Free crypto advice from CryptosRUs

Free crypto advice from George on CryptosRUs

The YouTube channel operated by George can be found here:

With 673K subscribers and over 2K videos at the time of writing, the channel offers a mix of live streams and recorded content, covering topics like market trends, specific coin analysis, and broader crypto news.

I will start off by saying that I found George to be an immediately likeable person, very open about his experiences, and often wearing his heart on his sleeve. His “I’m George, we’re all George” is catchy and I personally find him both funny and entertaining to watch. A man after my own heart, he’ll often be caught talking about his love of Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker I believe. And much like myself, George also has a background in IT and often considers the wider world of tech, including AI. 

Always the optimist, George seems to have positive news on hand for each and every video and is there to comfort and reassure followers during distressing times. One of the reasons I originally liked (and trusted) George was that I’ve never once seen him try to pitch a paid/plus/premium type service or push users towards affiliate links where he can earn a commission. I know they are there behind the scenes but he never pushes this on us. 

Every video offers free crypto advice with no catches or upsells. I’m aware that CryptosRUs runs a paid academy, albeit low costs for those interested, and George often talks about his career as a YouTube content creator. This one I found particularly inspiring:

George’s content is diverse, ranging from market updates, discussions on regulatory developments, and insights into various crypto projects, technologies, and market trends. It’s all great stuff, but the content relating to George’s own personal history, experiences and interests outside of crypto makes George all the more likeable.

Into the Cryptoverse (Ben Cowen)

Free crypto advice from Into the Cryptoverse

Free crypto advice from Ben on Into the Cryptoverse

Ben’s Into the Cryptoverse YouTube channel can be found here:

The channel has 788K subscribers and around 2K videos currently, so very similar numbers to CryptosRUs. The content focuses mainly on Bitcoin at the present time, but Ben does touch upon other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Cardano. His content largely covers market cycles, risk metrics, and macroeconomic perspectives, featuring detailed charts and data analysis.

Personality-wise, Ben is almost in complete contrast to George, with a more serious, analytical and academic approach to crypto analysis. This is no surprise really considering Ben is an academic with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and a background in computational mathematics. With most of his videos featuring detailed charts and thorough market analysis, trends, and correlations, they have a very different feel to George’s content which tends to be pitched at a high level often analysing daily news and third-party insights. On occasions, Ben can be found taking a more pessimistic (potentially more realistic) view of things than George. Even now, with so many positives on the horizon, Ben will provide reasons to reconsider the prospects of a recession or another pandemic. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s just very different from George’s stance. 

Regardless of these differences, Ben is also a very likeable person and often wears his heart on his sleeve. Ben says things how he sees them and isn’t afraid to upset certain crypto communities or even followers with his views and opinions. But he always backs these views up with a clear rationale and relates to his own experience in crypto, in the hopes we don’t make the same mistakes.

This was the latest video I watched, which covers Ben’s past investing in Cardano. I mention this one in particular as he’s very open about the errors he made and how he wishes he could have done things differently. For me, this makes Ben all the more trustworthy.

The only small niggle I have is that Ben’s approach to monetisation includes pitching premium access to get certain data, indicators and tools. This is by no means a criticism. I run a business so understand that we get this free crypto advice as a result of the paid services that keep Ben in operation. It just feels at times like we’re only getting a taster of what Ben has to offer, with the rest being withheld for paying customers. On that note, I would add that the paid pans are by no means extortionate, currently ranging from $19 to $99 per month.

CryptosRUs vs Into the Cryptoverse: A Comparative Overview

Summary of The Key Differences

  CryptosRUs (George) Into the Cryptoverse (Ben Cowen)
Established 2017 2019
Content Focus Market news, project insights, regulatory updates In-depth market analysis, data-driven insights
Approach News-oriented, immediate market reactions Academic, long-term market trends
YouTube Subscribers 673K – 788K –
Video Count Over 2K Around 2K
Twitter Followers 224.5K – 775.9K – 
Typical Video Topics Daily market updates, coin reviews Bitcoin analysis, market cycle discussions
Analysis Style Practical, news-focused Data-driven, academic

Comparative Outlook on Crypto

  • CryptosRUs – George’s outlook is more focused on the immediate and short-term implications of market news and developments. His content is mostly optimistic and tailored to those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the crypto world.
  • Into the Cryptoverse – Ben offers a long-term perspective, often discussing market cycles, risk analysis, and the underlying factors driving crypto prices. His approach is more suited for those interested in a deeper, more analytical understanding of the market.

CryptosRUs Background and Ethos

With a background in IT, George’s story started in 2013 when he first encountered Bitcoin. His initial foray into the crypto world involved mining Litecoin, but he soon stopped due to market volatility. However, his interest rekindled in 2017, leading him to start CryptosRUs.

During the history of CryptosRUs, George has admitted to various challenges including mistakes made, doubts, dwindling followers, and even having the channel shut down by YouTube at one stage.

George’s platform, primarily YouTube, focuses on educating people about Bitcoin and altcoins and his approach is rooted in his personal experiences and lessons learned within the crypto space. George also frequently discusses a wide range of topics relating to the crypto market. 

George’s mantra of focusing on the future, having patience, and holding on to investments (HODL) is a common theme throughout his content and is one of the reasons why I’ve stuck around.

Into the Cryptoverse Background and Ethos

Into the Cryptoverse, established in 2019 aims to empower crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors with knowledge and tools.

Ben uses Twitter and YouTube as platforms to simplify the complex world of cryptocurrencies, making them accessible to both seasoned investors and newcomers. Throughout his content, Ben much like George, has admitted to mistakes and challenges, particularly regards to predictions made, which failed to play out.

The Into the Cryptoverse team, led by Ben consists of a blend of expertise in mathematics, engineering, and various aspects of the cryptoverse.

Ben’s content includes insightful articles, guides, and market analysis, and provides a clear perspective on the entire crypto market but especially Bitcoin. With a focus on Bitcoin dominance in the pre-halving year, Ben has stepped back from the altcoin market but is now starting to consider altcoins again as we come close to the halving year. 

Collaborative Crypto Advice vs. Solo Commentary

Ben often engages in collaborations with other experts and influencers in the crypto space. Some of my favourite videos have been Ben’s collaborations with others that I follow such as Bitcoin analyst Plan B or Guy from Coin Bureau who also entered the world of Bitcoin in 2013. This collaborative approach not only diversifies the perspectives presented but also enriches the content with varied and sometimes opposing insights.

George, on the other hand, primarily focuses on solo commentary. In fact, I can’t recall a live stream or video where George has collaborated with others. His style is more about sharing his own insights, experiences, and giving a more personal touch. While he might occasionally mention or respond to other influencers’ opinions, the core of his content is largely his own thoughts and experiences.

Reporting Style and Focus

The Into the Cryptoverse content is heavily analytical and data-driven. Ben utilises his academic background in mathematics and engineering to jump deep into complex metrics and market trends. This approach is appealing to those who prefer in-depth, research-based analysis. His videos often include detailed market analyses, discussions on macroeconomic factors, and technical evaluations of various cryptocurrencies.

The CryptosRUs content provided by George is more narrative and experience-based. He often discusses market news, trends, and his personal opinions on where the market is heading, which is nearly always optimistic in the near-medium term. His content is more accessible to a broader audience, including those who might be new to crypto or prefer a less technical approach.

choosing the best crypto analyst or advisor

Choosing the best crypto analyst – there’s no choice, choose both!

Choosing the Best Crypto Analyst, Similarities Between Ben and George

Despite their different styles and personalities, both Ben and George are exceptionally skilled crypto analysts and educators.

They each provide a mixture of personal insights, lessons learned, and educational content within their YouTube videos, which sets them aside from many other crypto analysts that I follow. 

For me, this is some of the best content as we often see them expressing real emotion, and they each clearly want to help followers learn from the mistakes they’ve made and make better decisions.

Striking The Perfect Balance in Free Crypto Advice

Together, I find both Ben and George the perfect balance when looking for free crypto advice.

On any given day, I could watch both of them and get a completely different perspective on things, but each being equally relevant. It’s actually quite strange, as they very rarely overlap in terms of the content they produce, which is great.

Yesterday for example, I watched a video from Ben giving his experience and outlook on Cardano and George’s video on a large crypto pump expected for Bitcoin. Both videos were equally interesting but for entirely different reasons.

Are any other crypto advisors worth a mention?

The Coin Bureau

I’ve already mentioned Guy from Coin Bureau. I followed Guy for a while and couldn’t fault his content, but maybe it’s the British inside me, I found some of the content a bit cheesy, less sincere and hard to stomach. I know he has a team behind him and the content is often filled with important research and data so I’m by no means criticising the content but I guess it’s all a matter of taste. For me, Ben and George represent aspects of my own personality that I can relate to, whereas ironically I struggle with Guy’s content. 

Data Dash

Another crypto analyst/advisor I followed for a short while was Data Dash. For similar reasons to Guy at the Coin Bureau, I eventually stopped. With his happy, cheeky chappie demeanor and click of the fingers at the start of each video, I just struggled to keep following despite how good his content was. All of this said, there have really only been four YouTube channels that I’ve stuck with within this space. Both Data Dash and Coin Bureau are among them. 

Plan B

I knew about Plan B and his Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model long before he appeared in a collaboration video with Ben Cowen debating his S2F model against Ben’s theory of lengthening cycle and diminishing returns.

I mention Plan B here as he’s often mentioned by both Ben and George, as well as virtually everybody else in the crypto space. Although Plan B doesn’t have a YouTube channel (that I’m aware of), he’s a very prominent figure on Twitter (X) with an incredible 1.8M followers

His S2F model that predicts the price of Bitcoin based on its scarcity has been alarmingly accurate when zooming out and looking at the big picture and makes some extraordinary predictions about the future price of Bitcoin.

With close to 250K views on the below tweet today (24th November), this shows the reach and ears that Plan B has: 

What I’ve Learned

Both Ben and George have been an amazing source of free crypto advice and I’ve learned a great deal over the years.

George’s crypto insights via CryptosRUs and Ben’s crypto analysis via Into the Cryptoverse have been both educational and inspirational, but to summarise a few lessons that I’ve learned personally:

  • Leveraged trading vs investing – While my goal has always been to mine and invest in crypto, I dabbled with leveraged trading and stopped very quickly after listening to some of the stories from George. Now my strategy is purely focused on crypto mining, as well as investing in crypto and the stock market (mainly tech, AI and crypto-related stocks).
  • Consider the potential altcoins as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum – I’ve watched some great content from both Ben and George on altcoins, but without this, I would almost certainly never have heard of projects that I’m now a big fan of today.
  • DCA (Dollar Cost Average) and HODL (Hold On For Dear Life) – Ben and George present slightly different ideas when it comes to DCAing and HODLing. George largely encourages followers to “buy the dip”, DCA and HODL, always with a very optimistic view when it comes to Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. While Ben also covers these same points, he has a slightly less certain view when it comes to the market and focuses mainly on Bitcoin and taking profits when it makes sense. For me personally, I keep an eye on the data and I’m cautious about some of the things Ben covers, but my approach has always been to diversify between Bitcoin and other crypto projects I like, DCA and HODL. I’m incredibly optimistic about the future of Bitcoin as covered here and I can only see things heading in one direction with the upcoming spot ETFs and Bitcoin halving event.


While both CryptosRUs and Into the Cryptoverse offer valuable insights into the crypto world, George and Ben’s approaches differ significantly. Ben is more analytical and collaboration-focused, appealing to those who seek in-depth market analysis while George’s CryptosRUs offers a more personal and narrative style of content, ideal for those who appreciate a relatable and experience-based approach to crypto education. They’re both exceptional crypto analysts and provide an incredible wealth of free crypto advice for those like me who are keen to learn from others and continually improve their situation.

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